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NORIS is more than a brand: The force behind this is a strong medium-sized family business in the fifth generation, firmly rooted in Bavaria since 1876 and worldwide operating for decades.
The ubiquitous principle “Quality is our strength” has paved the way to become the German market leader. Our own engineering enables fast and innovative improvements in the production process and makes the gold leaf beating even more exciting. We pass these cost savings directly to our customers and remain faithfull to our success “Best quality at the best price”.

High-quality Gold Leaf needs specific climatic conditions.

The production location is an crucial factor, because the art of beating gold unimaginably thin is favored by special climatic conditions. Already centuries ago, only Gold Leaf from Schwabach could be competitive on the world market. Today, the city of Schwabach constitutes the first and so far the only Gold Beater Town in Germany. In search of further quality improvements, Noris Blattgold has relocated its production site directly to the river “Schwabach”. Today we know we did everything right.

In 2010, we already employed 125 employees on a surface operating area of 2500 square metres. Further expansion of the production site was not enabled by the city of Schwabach, therefore an equivalent location had to be found. Factory 2 was built in 2012 in Karlstadt in beautiful northern Croatia. The production of the booklets made of tissue paper and parts of production stages for the manufacturing of imitation gold and silver leaf were recolate to Croatia. The factory 2 is of course located directly on a crystal-clear river on the way to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. We wanted to secure the future at the highest quality standard. Factory 2 employs 30 employees on a surface operating area of approx. 1700 square metres.

Today, our company represents the fundamental values of gilding expertise, customer focus and reliability. The company philosophy aims at offering its customers with innovative and high-quality products related to the gilder, excellent customer service and a unique price-performance ratio. Passion and goal-oriented action under the joint implementation of the various customer projects are decisive factors for the fact that the Noris Gold Leaf Factory is a much valued and important partner in gilding works all over the world. Try our comprehensive solutions and performance.

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The continuous improvement of corporate environmental protection is an essential characteristic of our enterprise policy. Among other things, the following environmental guidelines are embedded:

• We take care to avoid negative impacts on the environment and our employees at the development and manufacture of gold leaf and further products.

• We are committed to continuously improve our production processes that can be optimized in terms of energy and resources.
In the manufacture of our products we attach great importance to making efficient use of resources and rely on the use of recycled raw gold of the highest purity level.

• All production auxiliary materials are safe for health and environment.

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Our gold leaf, in various designs, is made exclusively from conflict-free gold. The gold we process is obtained exclusively from LBMA-certified companies. Certification according to the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance ensures, among other things, that the companies have taken and implemented comprehensive and suitable precautions to prevent corruption, money laundering, child and forced labor and, of course, a responsible (“conflict-free”) gold supply chain.