Gold Leaf Production


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Roll Gold


Roll Gold & Roll Silver

The gold leaf / silver leaf is placed and pressed onto a approx. 21 m long roll. The roll width is optional and is selectable from 3 mm up to 110 mm. Roll gold is suitable for gilding with Kölner Instacoll system or oil gilding on narrow lines, coves, smooth and flat surfaces such as frames or lettering. Roll gold up to a width of approx. 50 mm can be processed with the unrolling device.

Roll Gold
24 Carat

Pure Gold

Roll Gold
23,75 Carat

Rosenoble Gold

Roll Gold
23,5 carat

Ducate Double Polish Gold

Roll Gold
23 Carat

Ducate Double Gold

Gold Roll
22,5 cArat

Orange Double Gold

Roll Gold
22 cArat

Orange Double Gold

Roll Gold
18 CArat

Lemon Gold bright

Roll Gold
12 cArat

White Gold

Roll Gold
99,9% Fineness

Pure Silver

Roll Gold
Device for unrolling

Suitable for all rolls up to a width of approx. 50 mm