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KGGG System


High Gloss Water Gilding System

Kölner High Gloss Water Gilding System – In using this system you will achieve a high quality, yet simple and effective water gilding.
The Kölner KGGG system consists of three components:
Component 1. impregnation agent (Sealer P, Sealer 123A), Component 2. burnishing clay (Fond) and Component 3. size for water gilding (Colnasol)
The components are water dilutable and applied without warming. Thereby you safe time and get a good adhesive between the different layers.

Kölner KGGG-System Component 1a – Sealer P

The impregnation agent is used to seal an absorbing surface, which forms a film inside the material without building a closed layer at the surface. Such materials are, amongst others, plastering, plaster and paper material.
Sealer P improves the adhesion between the work material and the following primer coat. Therefore, it is very important that the correct impregnation agent is used.
The impregnation agent provides a better adhesive for the KGGG-Fond.
Kölner Sealer P is a water dilutable, acrylic resin dispersion. The solvent content is < 1 %. After film building, the layer can only be removed with acetone or ethanol. Brushes should be washed out with water.

Available containers – 100 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 4000 ml

Kölner KGGG-System Component 1b – Sealer 123a

Advantage of Sealer P over Sealer 123 A are an enhanced provision of adhesion of Kölner KGGG Fond and spray fond, as well as a lower impregnation depth for extremely absorbing underlayers, e.g. plaster.
Sealer 123a is diluted with water. It is applied to diminish absorbing surfaces, and to secure the adhesion of the next layer of fond. It can be used for gilding on e.g. plaster, stone and wood.

Available containers – 100 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 4000 ml

Kölner KGGG-System Component 2A – Fond

The Fond is a water-based, one-layer gilders clay, which replaces the Gesso and bole/poliment layers of the traditional system. The Fond can be applied directly in the correct colour without warming the product. Usually, 4 to 6 layers are
applied, depending on the type of the present reliefs. A dry film thickness of 150 μm must be reached everywhere where later the leaf metal will be burnished.

Available colours – Fond B poliment red, Fond Bi poliment red dark, Fond E blue, Fond L yellow, Fond O ochre, Fond S black, Fond C white

Available containers – 100 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 4000 ml

Kölner KGGG-System Component 3a – Colnasol

This skin-glue preparation is used for the production of water size for loose metal leaf. It is suited for achieving polishable high gloss gildings, high gloss silvering, and high gloss gilding with imitation metal leaf.
In the KGGG system, one does not use the usual alcohol/water size, but rather a weak solution of skin glue in water.
The Colnasol tablet is dissolved in hot water and used after the water has cooled. For 1 tablet, half a litre of water is used. You can also use parts of the tablet for a smaller amount. After the gold leaf is applied, you should wait 24 hours before burnishing with the agate burnisher.

Available containers – 10 Gramm

Kölner Relief kitt

The Kölner Relief plaster is a repair compound used for picture frames, or for relief from wood or plaster. The special feature of this product is that the dried Relief plaster can be poliment gilded directly on small repair areas, without applying KGGG fond.

Available containers – 150 Gramm, 400 Gramm, 750 Gramm