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KGGG system


Glanzgoldgrund - System

Kölner Bright Gold Primer System – With this system you make a high quality yet simple, effective poliment gilding.
The system consists of three products: Component 1. the inlet ground (Sealer P), component 2. The one-pot primer (stock) and component. 3. one nets (Colnasol)
All components are water-dilutable and are applied cold. This saves
They time and always have a good adhesion between the different layers.

Kölner KGGG System Component 1a – Sealer P

Einlassgrund P is a water-thinnable, finely dispersed acrylic resin dispersion. The solvent additive is < 1%, frost resistant. Insoluble in water after film formation. Brush cleaning with water. Advantages over Sealer 123a are improved adhesion of Kölner-Glanz-Gold-Grund Fond and Sprayfond as well as lower penetration depths on extremely absorbent substrates such as gypsum. Inlet Primer P can also be used as a colorless varnish (overcoat) over base metal leaf or silver to protect against atmospheric corrosion. This varnish – applied undiluted in one to two coats – is waterproof, even weatherproof, but shows temporary whitening in contact with water.

Available containers – 100 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml or 4000 ml

Kölner KGGG system component 1b – Sealer 123a

Sealer 123a is diluted with water and used to reduce the capillarity of absorbent substrates and to improve the adhesion to the subsequent fond applications.
secure, e.g. for gilding on plaster, stone and wood.

Available containers – 100 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml or 4000 ml

Kölner KGGG System Component 2A – Fund

Fond is a water-thinnable, cold-applied, one-pot primer that replaces the chalk and polish layers of the traditional system. The base is to be applied directly in the correct color. Most often, depending on the type of relief at hand, 4-6 layers are applied.

Available colors – base B poliment red, base Bi poliment red dark, base E blue, base L yellow, base O ocher, base S black, base C white

Available containers – 100 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml or 4000 ml

Kölner KGGG system component 3a – Colnasol

In the KGGG system, a weak solution of hide glue in water is used instead of the usual alcohol mesh. Colnasol tablet is dissolved in hot water. After cooling, the nets can be applied. One tablet is enough for half a liter of water. Parts of the tablet can also be used. After shooting the gold leaf, please wait 24 hours for agate polishing.

Available containers – 10 gram

Kölner relief putty

A repair compound for picture frames and relief made of plaster or wood. The special feature is that the dry relief kit can be directly poliment-gilded for smaller repair areas without the need for a build-up with KGGG Fond

Available containers – 150 grams, 400 grams, 750 grams