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Ceramic Size


Ceramic Size

Kölner Ceramic is a gilding adhesive for complementing and repairing imperfections in high gloss gildings on porcelain or ceramics.
The application agent is been applied cold and thus prevents a renewed burning. Dilution with water is possible; all products can be intermixed or alternately applied. It is not suitable for outdoor use.

Ceramic Size
Kölner Ceramic size KT-5

Gilding size for small repairs within existing ceramic gilding.
It is applied as a liquid and gilded to high gloss after film formation with patent gold leaf . Kölner Ceramic Size Kt-5 should be applied with a brush. We recommend a flat synthetic hair brush.

Ceramic Size KT-5 – 50 ml

Ceramic Size
KÖLNER Ceramic size gel KT-5-hv

Size agent in gel form. Small imperfections and eruptions in the ceramic substrate can be filled with this product. It can be high gloss gilded after film formation.

Ceramic Size Gel KT-5-hv – 5 ml, 50 ml